What Makes Us Different?

We’ve been asked this many times throughout the years, so now’s the time to show you, and what makes us stand out from other veterinary practices.

Whether you have a young bouncy puppy or kitten full of excitement or a lovely old senior citizen pet, who’s looking for some comfort in their old age. They are all loved members of the family and they’ll all be treated as such.

Independently Run

As an independently run veterinary practice, we are able to give each of our patients the level of care and attention they may not receive in the larger chains. We get to know each animal and their owner, helping us give the right treatment at the right time.

All recommendations are given in the best interest of your pet and are customised to suit you and your pets family life. We aim to facilitate the best care for your pet, including referring you and your pet to see specialist consultants at referral facilities as needed.

Visiting Specialists

Throughout the year, we have visiting specialists who spend time in our surgery, advising families on the best treatment for their pets. Each one is an expert in their field and they have a wealth of practical knowledge to draw on.

From complicated, small animal surgery to cardio-respiratory diagnoses, they understand that some problems can’t just be solved with rest and medication. You can find out more about our visiting specialists here.


We’re exceptionally proud of our facilities, especially the separate entrances for both cats and dogs. This separation means that even if they’re visiting our practice at the same time, they won’t get wind of each other.

In addition we have invested heavily in technology, ensuring practice equipment is up-to-date. From our ECG machines to oxygen units, electro surgery technology to dental equipment, all our facilities have been bought in to help your pet overcome their illnesses and injuries.

On-site Cattery

Opened in 2007, our on-site Cattery has been designed for comfort. With both indoor and outdoor penthouse suites available, any feline who stays with us can do so in a safe, secure and enjoyable environment. Your cat will have access to numerous toys and scratching posts to keep them occupied during their stay.

Take a look here to find out more about the Cattery.

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