Anaesthesia Services

We pride ourselves on performing the safest anaesthesia procedures on your pet.

Your veterinary surgeon will determine which anaesthetic is best for your animal and for the procedure being performed.

The Anaesthesia Process

Before putting your pet under anaesthetic, we will take a small sample of their blood to see whether they may have a bad reaction. We use many of the same anaesthetic agents that are used in human surgery.

Doses of emergency drugs, that may be required, will be pre-calculated before commencing anaesthesia to help minimise any risk.

Short procedures are conducted under short-acting anaesthetics or sedation; these are injected into the muscle or vein.

Longer procedures are carried out under general anaesthesia, which is delivered through a tube placed in the windpipe.

What We Use

  • We currently use propofol and isoflurane, which are considered the best possible and safest anaesthetic agents for animals.
  • This results in less stress on the heart, kidneys and liver and allows very accurate adjustments to anaesthetic levels.

Because of its superior safety features, Isoflurane is especially beneficial if your pet is old, ill or debilitated or is an exotic species. Plus, your pet will wake up more quickly and smoothly after surgery or dentistry.

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What Else do You Need to Know?

Surgery is performed with the highest standards of sterility, whilst our theatre team closely monitors your pet’s heart, lungs and other vital functions.

  • We advocate intravenous catheterisation for all our patients and peri-operative fluid therapy is recommended to aid the support of the body’s functions while under anaesthetic.
  • We apply local anaesthetic cream applied to the skin to suppress pain from needle procedures, such as placing IV catheters and obtaining blood samples.
  • We aim to minimise stress and anxiety for your beloved pet and peri-operative pain relief is a key part of achieving this.

These represent our normal protocols, we seek to provide high standards of quality veterinary care and will not lower them for any reason.

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