Caring For Your Cat

As one of the most popular domestic pets in the UK, cats need as much care and attention as their doggy-counterparts. Your cat is part of your family and the treatment that they received from us reflects that.

Whether they are a kitten or have reached old age, they deserve the highest standard of care, no matter their breed or lifestyle. To ensure that their visit to the practice is as stress-free as possible, we have facilities available to keep your cat calm and happy.

Cat-Only Entrance

We’re incredibly proud to have a separate entrance for you and your cat. This ensures they won’t have to come into contact with any visiting dogs, making their visit as relaxing as possible.

Dedicated Cat Area

We know that cats have exceptional hearing and sense of smell, so we have a dedicated cat area where they are kept away from dogs and other distractions. This area has been created the help your cat relax, as a new environment can often lead to stress and anxiety.

Our Cat Hotel

If you’re going on holiday or your cat needs to stay with us for treatment, our dedicated Cattery is ideal. There are single, double, triple and even quadruple suites available, each with toys and scratching posts to keep them entertained. You can find out more about the Cattery here.

Visiting Specialists & Referrals

As well as our dedicated staff, we also have visiting specialists who regularly attend our practice. This gives cat owners the chance to ask any questions, or get a diagnosis from a feline specialist.

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