Our Facilities

Whether you’re visiting for your pet’s check up or dropping off your animal to stay with us, we have a full range of facilities to make sure they’re as happy as possible during their time here.

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Air Conditioning & Underfloor Heating

No matter the time of year, you and your pets will always be at a comfortable temperature. Our air conditioning and under floor heating has been installed to make sure that your pets are relaxed whilst they’re visiting.

Cat & Dog Separation

To ensure that your pet doesn’t get stressed or scared when visiting, we have completely separate areas for cats and dogs.

We’re very fortunate to have separate entrances for cats and dogs, as well as their own reception areas. This means that treats and toys will surround your furry friend, keeping them happy and calm during their visit.

Cat & Dog Wards

Not only do we have separate entrances, we also have separate wards for cats and dogs. Each ward is kept warm and secure, out of sight and smell of their counterparts.

There are a range of hospital pens available too, meaning that we are able to cater for all dog breeds.

Diagnostic Treatment & Facilities

You will be able to benefit from a full pet health service, complete with tailored preventative health care advice.

When your pet is unwell we have the facilities, equipment and knowledge to give your pet the best care and treatment. Our diagnostic and treatment facilities include:

  • An in-practice laboratory
  • X-ray equipment
  • Separate theatre suite
  • A state of the art dental suite, including digital x-ray machines


Ever since the first day we opened, we’ve invested in the very latest equipment and technology. This means that we can care for your pet, no matter what treatment they need, in a safe, secure environment.

Our equipment includes:

  • Ophthalmoscopes and otoscopes (for eyes and ears)
  • Ocular tonometry equipment to measure pressure in the eye
  • Digital camera and video
  • An electrosurgery unit
  • Blood pressure monitoring
  • ECG
  • Multi-parameter monitoring for anaesthesia and critical cases
  • Fluid pumps to enable precise delivery of medication and intravenous fluids
  • Oxygen unit
  • Scales for pets of all sizes
  • Endoscope, bronchoscopes and ultrasound equipment
  • Dental equipment for dogs, cats and rabbits

In-house Laboratory

If your pet needs a blood or urine test to help diagnose an illness, this can be done in-house. This means that you don’t have to take your pet elsewhere, and also saves time as we complete the analysis. Our laboratory is used for urgent evaluations of your pet and if more specialist tests are required, a courier service will take samples to an external lab for us.

Isolation Unit

To ensure that your pet is kept safe during their visit, they are able to stay in our specialist isolation unit, preventing them from catching any infectious diseases from other visiting animals.


You don’t have to worry about finding somewhere to park, or crossing the road with your beloved pet when you’re visiting; we have a dedicated, off-road private car park for our visitors.

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