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The Animal Medical Centre London

Adolescent Health Check for Dogs.
Animal Medical Centre recommends a check at 5 months of age (usually one month after the final puppy vaccination). This is to check that your puppy is developing properly. For instance, that the baby teeth are being replaced by adult teeth correctly. If the teeth growing abnormally at this age it is important to correct them early, if left they can cause permanent abnormalities in the mouth.

Another abnormality we check for at this stage is that both testicles have descended in male dogs. If either testicle has not descended it may still be in the abdomen. This condition is called cryptorchidism. It is important to castrate cryptorchid dogs as they have a high incidence of testicular tumours.

Annual Health Check and booster vaccinations
Yearly boosters are given at the same time as the Annual Health Check. We recommend yearly examinations for your dog, cat and rabbit. At this time they are fully checked over and you have the opportunity to ask any questions regarding your pet. The veterinarian will check your dog's heart, abdomen, ears, eyes, skin and teeth, as well as discussing general health matters.

Animal Health Checks

Health Checks

We recommend yearly examinations for your dog, cat and rabbit.
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Boarding Cattery

Boarding Cattery

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